Lighting Essentials Workshop

Learn the fundamentals of lighting and how to apply it when working with natural light and flash photography.

Be it simple lighting for portraits, groups of people or something more artistic, this workshop will give you the fundamentals that will allow you to understand what to use and why.

While it is important to understand your equipment, without a solid foundation and understanding of how to shape light, or how the light you’re working with affects your images, as soon as something changes or isn’t working, not knowing “why” will mean you’re stuck not knowing how to fix it.

In this workshop you’ll be learning:

  • The relationship between the distance of your light source to your subject and background
  • How shadows are shaped and defined
  • Selecting the right modifier for the right effect
  • How to balance your light source and background

If you’re just starting out down the path of flash photography or if you’ve been frustrated with your efforts so far using flashes or strobes and are still uncertain how best to use them, this workshop will give you the grounding you need.

The workshop runs in two parts. We begin with the theory component, breaking it down into an easily understandable and practical method. We take a quick break, and spend the rest of the workshop putting your new found knowlege into practice with our model.

Max Participants

The workshop accepts a maximum of 5 people


Bookings can be made using the link on this page. Once completed and payment is made, your place is secured.

Please ensure you have read our Workshop Terms and Conditions prior to booking this workshop.


  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera capable of being set to Manual

Photographic Knowledge This workshop is suitable for any particpant who can set their camera in to manual mode.