Just Amazing
Matthew and Alex are amazing mentors . They are both so willing to help you take the perfect photograph. This is the second workshop I have done and I’m looking forward to doing another. The reason being is they provide material that is easy to understand, sit down with you and explain everything to you then help you put it into practice. They are two very patient people willing to help and bend over backwards so you get the perfect photo
A great workshop
Matt and Alex have produced a great workshop format and location for shooting the Milky Way, explantions were easy to understand as was the written material. The close support given during the night to achieve great results on my first attempt to photograh the Milky Way was greatly appreciated. Can highly recommend their workshop without hesitation
The workshops are excellent value for money. Matt and Alex explain concepts well and provide a good balance between theory and practice to come away with great images

Previous Testimonials

"Great camp for learning and highly recommend it, well done Matt and Alex" - Tony - Photography Camp - 2019
"After attending the excellent Photo Camp by Photospark, I feel a lot more confident in all aspects of landscape and seascape photography. I cannot recommend this weekend workshop more highly." - Kay - Photography Camp - 2019
"I found the Introduction To Lightroom Workshop to be easy to understand with clear instruction." - Sue-Ellen - Introduction to Lightroom - June 2018
"The astrophotography workshop was a wonderful learning experience. Alex and Matt were very patient and enthusiastic to share their knowledge of photography. Since it was a small group of six participants they could give individual attention to each of us. Also, the material shared is quite well written and will come in handy when i go out on my own. " - Mohita - Nightscapes - July 2018
"I would highly recommend the nightscapes course. The location was well planned out and course well run. Alex and Matt went above and beyond to help you enjoy the night and this rare experience and to help you along. I just loved every minute of this workshop. I now know where to find most of my camera setting buttons in the dark! Worth doing! " - Carmel - Nightscapes - June 2018
"Great work shop - great location" - Tony - Nightscapes - June 2018
"Fantastic workshop for Nightscapes. Extensive handouts which are extremely comprehensive and self explanatory. Great value for money I would highly recommend this workshop." - (no name supplied) - Nightscapes - June 2018
"Very informative. Great results with only a kit lens. Highly recommend." - Don - Nightscapes - June 2018
"Thanks so much to you & Alex for the workshop last night.   It was fantastic and pitched perfectly to us beginners.  I feel confident I can now jump on Lightroom & start editing" - Narelle - Introduction to Lightroom - June 2018
"Thanks Matt and Alex, I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and look forward to the next one." - Tony - Introduction to Lightroom - June 2018
"Excellent mentor to student ratio of 1 to 2, very knowledgeable mentors, had lots of fun taking photos! Thank you Matt and Alex." - Anne - Filters Workshop - April 2018
"Well worth money. Informative both written and practical great experience for a workshop." - Pam - Filters Workshop - April 2018
"This filter workshop was outstanding" - Narelle - Filters Workshop - April 2018