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Photography Camp

  • Photography Camp
The Otways Photography camp is a 2 night (3 day) photography experience allowing you to immerse yourself in everything the Otways has to offer photographically. It covers a bit of all our workshops over the weekend.

The camp explores waterfalls and beaches as well as the chance for astro photography along the great ocean road (weather permitting). We’ll be covering filters for landscape showing you how to better control light as well as getting the most out of the natural wonders of the area. As well as taking photos, we’ll also be running though post processing techniques to maximise what you’ve captured.

You’ll be staying in accommodation in Lorne which has access to restaurants as well as being close to numerous photographic opportunities.

Transport from Essendon VIC to Lorne and to all locations is provided.

This is an all weather event. Please ensure you pack the correct attire for inclement weather.

What’s included:

• Accommodation*
• Transport
• Self catered breakfast
• Lunch
• Access to Filters (if you don’t already have them)

* There are two accomodation options. Option 1 is the shared house (three rooms available) which provides your own room with communal kitchen and shared bathroom. You'll be staying with your guides for the camp allowing access to more conversation and one on one.

Option 2 will be made available once Option 1 has filled and will include your own studio cabin located away from the main house.


Camp-2-Aug-2020-Accomodation Option 1


Camp-2-Aug-2020-Accomodation Option 2


Photography Camp

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